Her Dreams

He Will Give Her Beauty For Ashes Isaiah 61:3

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The Love Letter

Her Dreams…

He Will Give Her beauty For Ashes!!! 



  What is love?  God is love.  Love lays down its life, it pays the ultimate sacrifice, and it shows itself strong on the behalf of another. It covers, it protects,it stands the ultimate test. For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son into this brutal society to pay sins price.He laid down His life for you and me. We are here for but a moment, a brief time compared to all of eternity where time never ends.

Jesus is asking, will you love Me? Not like I have loved you, but will you love me enough to follow Me, to accept My plan for your life? I have paid the price, all you must do is receive. I will let the choice be yours, it is up to you, but I will love you to the end no matter what you choose. I hope you will chooose life, because abundant living is what you will receive. Your present world has no comparison to the future in which I hold. I will love you with an everlasting love. My blessing in which I have in store will over-take you. Nothing, but nothing can compare. Won't you please, please turn to Me? 

 You will gain eternity and sit with the King.  You will dine on a heavenly feast.  Just come, come with Me.  I will always be with you, never leaving your side.  I will be your Master, you will be My friend, I will be your shepherd and you will be My sheep.  Will you please, please just run to Me?  My arms are opened wide, ready to receive you.  I’ll not pass judgment, I’ll never remember your sins, I’ll set My seal of approval upon your heart, immediately accepted as My beloved, only please, please come to Me.
 This is My love letter to you.  There is nowhere to turn, no place in which you can hide.  Nobody not anybody
will love you like Me.  Won’t you just come, come to Me?  I’m here and I’m waiting, I’m calling and I’m pleading.  I’m your assurance, I’m all you need.  I’ll hold your hand; I’ll kiss your cheek.  All that I’m asking is please, please come to Me. 
 Can’t you feel My tug, hear My yearning, feel My hand upon your shoulder.  Make Me your blessed Savior, I’ll
be your guide.  To all who hear My cry and answer My call, I’ll become your Father, and you My child.  The time is getting short and this may be your only chance.  Just say yes and you’ll be My child. 
But …  PLEASE, PLEASE Come to Me  .Amen

John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
And one last time the Lord would say, Please, Please come to Me, that you may live and dine with Me.

Written By: Deborah Paez

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Come Just As You Are

Please Come

A New Life!!!

Titus 2:11-14 NIV (Read From Your Bible) A God Honoring Life; A Life Changed By The Power Of God; Enabling Us To Live A Life Pleasing Our Heavenly Father. A Victorious New Life!!! Psalm 86:11 NLT Teach Me, Your Ways O Lord,That I May Live According To Your Truth! Grant Me Purity Of Heart, So That I May Honor You.

A New Hope!!!

Psalm 16:7-11 (Read From Your Bible) Hope For The Hopeless!!! Show Me The Path Where I Should Walk, O Lord; Point Out The Right Road For Me To Follow. Lead Me By Your Truth And Teach Me, For You Are The God Who Saves Me, All Day Long I Put My HOPE In You. Psalm 25:4-5

A New Begining!!!

A Brand New You!!! Psalm 18:20, 22-24 (The Message Bible) God Made My Life Complete When I Placed All The Pieces Before Him... Every Day I Review The Ways He Works; I Try Not To Miss A Trick. I Feel Put Back Together... God Rewrote The Text Of My Life When I Opened The Book Of My Heart To His Eyes.