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He Will Give Her Beauty For Ashes Isaiah 61:3

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Her Dreams…

He Will Give Her Beauty For Ashes!!!



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Genesis 1:27 

So God created man in His own image,

in the image of God, He created him;

male and female He created them.



Marriage Forum

  May your marriage retreat be one that is fun and exciting, but also a retreat where you will grow together as a couple.  Make sure you do the things in your marriage retreat that will enhance marital growth, don't just talk, work on exercises that you will remember to do when you go home. I have put just one example together for you to work on for yourself, and your group. Everybody can join in, and do the exercise, and then come together to discuss what marriage means to you. I would love to hear from you via email, or you may visit me on facebook, so you may share with me, some of the words that you came up with, and the definitions for each word. Remember to make this a rewarding experience!  Have Fun and remember, we are to love one another, as Christ loves us. 




This Is The Exercise

1. Write out the word Marriage

2. Now spell the word MARRIAGE -vertical- up and down.

3. Beside each letter, write down what marriage means you. ie: M-erciful:

4. After writing a word for each letter, write out a definition for each word that you wrote down. ie: M: Merciful- Be merciful, show compassion, and love. Be willing to forgive and forget. Repeat this for all of the words. Do not use a dictionary, write a definition in your own words, what each word means to you!

5. After you have completed this exercise, come together and share what each of you wrote down with your group. You may like what someone else wrote down, so listen, and jot down the other couples words, and definitions if these are more meaningful, or beneficial to you.

6. Remember this is an exercise for marrital growth, so enjoy, and work on rebuilding your marriage. Exhort your spouse through your words and definitions, do not belittle or criticize! If you are in a marriage gone sour, just pray and ask God to help you to be kind, and write things that will enhance and build your marriage. God will help you because He wants to release blessing and healing into you and your spouse.  May God bless you.

7. Philipians 4:8 Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.

8. Make sure you go home and practice these steps!

 Philipians 4:9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from Me, put into practice, and the God of peace will be with you.

For added fun, make up marriage retreat gift bags with material for marriage retreats, be sure to print and add this exercise to the bag!  Don't forget to add a note pad and pen!


This Is What I Wrote For My Words, And Definitions









1. Merciful: Be merciful, show compassion, and love to one another, be willing to forgive and forget the wrongs suffered you.

2. Air-tight: Keep out the pollutants of marriage, bitterness, hostility, anger, name calling, yelling, nagging, lying, lust, pornograghy and betrayal, un-godly attitude, seeking ones own way, (selfishness) unforgiveness, and no grudge keeping.

3. Realignment: Regroup, read the bible so your mind and actions will come in line with God's holy word. Put your life and marriage in order. Focus on the traits and qualities that you love most about your spouse. Think about the reason you fell in love. Think about why you should stay together. Declare that divorce is not an option. Pray with one another. Make a shift and do something enjoyable. Take a walk, go on a bike ride, take a trip, go on a date, but focus on pleasing your spouse, and seeing the goodness in your spouse. Think positive, not negative. Go the extra mile.

4. Restoration: Pray and fast for your marriage. Go to a marriage retreat, councelling, seek godly advise from a pastor, or an older more mature married couple who has been through the fire, and endured the flames. Ask God to lead and guide. Work toward fixing your issues, do not cover them up,  expose, and confess those skelletons in the closet to God, and a pastor, who can pray for healing and deliverance.

5. Iron: Iron out your differences with your spouse, pray for one another's needs, pray together, encourage each other, try to understand where your spouse is coming from, why are they angry, and hurt, be kind, tenderhearted, compassionate, see your spouse through God's eyes. Iron sharpens iron.

6. Acknowledgement: Be willing to accept responsibility, be honest, do not lie to one another, confess wrongs, do not hide things from your spouse, be open so trust will operate in your marriage, acknowledge each others weaknesses, and short comings. Acknowledge to your spouse, that you are committed to them through it all. No matter what, that through Christ you can do all things. 

7. Gather: Gather your spouse in your arms and hug them and say I love you often. Gather together and pray, and attend church together.

8. Excellent: Do everything, as if you were doing it unto the Lord. Be loyal, Do everything you do for the glory of the Lord, Just do good to your spouse in order to have an excellent marriage. Put your spouse above self, so others may see the goodness of God and desire a relationship with God. Be kind, loving, compassionate, considerate, slow to speak, slow to become angry, be a doer of God's word, strive toward perfection in a relationship with God, so you will have a godly relationship with your spouse and have an excellent marriage. Work toward healing in yourself, and in your marriage!

Marriage is a Holy Constitution between a Man and a Woman who have given themselves to one another in Holy Matrimony before God. They have been pronounced Husband and Wife, as ONE, in the eyes of God!!

Marriage between a Husband and a Wife is Sacred, and Holy because it represents the coming together of Christ and the Church!!!


The Bride and the Bridegroom


Joshua 24:15

But as for me and my house,

we shall serve the Lord.

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  Matthew 19:6

So they are no longer two, but one.

Therefore, what God has joined together,

let man not separate.

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A New Life!!!

Titus 2:11-14 NIV (Read From Your Bible) A God Honoring Life; A Life Changed By The Power Of God; Enabling Us To Live A Life Pleasing Our Heavenly Father. A Victorious New Life!!! Psalm 86:11 NLT Teach Me, Your Ways O Lord,That I May Live According To Your Truth! Grant Me Purity Of Heart, So That I May Honor You.

A New Hope!!!

Psalm 16:7-11 (Read From Your Bible) Hope For The Hopeless!!! Show Me The Path Where I Should Walk, O Lord; Point Out The Right Road For Me To Follow. Lead Me By Your Truth And Teach Me, For You Are The God Who Saves Me, All Day Long I Put My HOPE In You. Psalm 25:4-5

A New Begining!!!

A Brand New You!!! Psalm 18:20, 22-24 (The Message Bible) God Made My Life Complete When I Placed All The Pieces Before Him... Every Day I Review The Ways He Works; I Try Not To Miss A Trick. I Feel Put Back Together... God Rewrote The Text Of My Life When I Opened The Book Of My Heart To His Eyes.