Her Dreams

He Will Give Her Beauty For Ashes Isaiah 61:3

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Becoming One


Her Dreams…

He Will Give Her Beauty For Ashes!!!

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Ruth 1:16 – 17

Entreat me not to leave you,

Or turn back from following after you;

For wherever you go, I will go,

And wherever you lodge, I will lodge;

Your people shall be my people,

And your God my God.

hd becomingonepg 325w Becoming One

Where you die, I will die,

And there I will be buried.

The Lord do so to me, and more also ,

If anything but death parts you and me.


 “Becoming One”

On the day that they met,

Their eyes locked, and danced in puddles of gold,

Is this the one, who will become my spouse,

With whom was made, all from God’s mold!

The Lord said, If I would first seek Him,

He would give me the desires of my heart.

I am almost sure this one matches the part,

As I wait and I watch, my heart is on a march,

Ahh, I ponder with excitement, could this be the one,

Whom the King has given for me to become one?

Most asuredly, I’m praying and I have been fasting,

For a sanctified marriage, one that will be lasting!

You see, I want to be sure that this is the one,

For I do not want to become Satan’s lure.

Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, is this the one?

The one that you have prepared,

For me to become one!

Waiting for His answer,

My heart is beating faster,

As I softly hear yes!

Yes my child, yes this is the one,

With whom you will

“Become One”


By: Deborah Paez

  “They Are No Longer Two”

hdbecomingonepg 445w Becoming One

“But One” 

hd becomingonepg 400h Becoming One

“To Have And To Hold”   

hd marriageentails pg bottomborder 700w(5) Becoming One

A New Life!!!

Titus 2:11-14 NIV (Read From Your Bible) A God Honoring Life; A Life Changed By The Power Of God; Enabling Us To Live A Life Pleasing Our Heavenly Father. A Victorious New Life!!! Psalm 86:11 NLT Teach Me, Your Ways O Lord,That I May Live According To Your Truth! Grant Me Purity Of Heart, So That I May Honor You.

A New Hope!!!

Psalm 16:7-11 (Read From Your Bible) Hope For The Hopeless!!! Show Me The Path Where I Should Walk, O Lord; Point Out The Right Road For Me To Follow. Lead Me By Your Truth And Teach Me, For You Are The God Who Saves Me, All Day Long I Put My HOPE In You. Psalm 25:4-5

A New Begining!!!

A Brand New You!!! Psalm 18:20, 22-24 (The Message Bible) God Made My Life Complete When I Placed All The Pieces Before Him... Every Day I Review The Ways He Works; I Try Not To Miss A Trick. I Feel Put Back Together... God Rewrote The Text Of My Life When I Opened The Book Of My Heart To His Eyes.